The invasion of Cote Brasserie

Over the past year you would be forgiven for thinking that there was some sort of invasion of Britain’s high streets as Cote Brasseries spring up left and right. On first sight they sites look like they have been there for years, as they are always in good keeping with the area surrounding them, so not to look out of place. However it soon became apparently that this was a quick moving rollout, with sites appearing all over the country.

This led us to stear clear of them, believing them to be nothing but another Cafe Rouge style restuarant, but just a different colour. Also the fact that one of our favourite Thai restuarants in the country, by London Bridge, has now become a Cote.

However on a Thursday night in Bath (Sommerset) we were faced with a never ending line of booked up restuarants, so we deciding rather than starve we would settle on Cotes. To our amazement we were almost turned away from there also, but the lovely lady at the front of house said she had a couple of no shows.

What separates Cote from the likes of Cafe Rouge is that the menu is more extensive, with a good mix of meat and fish dishes, on both the starters and mains. The wines on offer were also up to date and reasonable. The service was also outstanding, however the practice of having kitchen porter/waiters and a server was a bit awkward.

So Cote should not be seen as a last resort and has earned it’s place as a serious contender.

London locations include:

Charlotte Street;
Covent Garden;
London Bridge;
Notting Hill;
St. Paul’s.