Souvenirs of London

London Souvenirs

No trip to London would be complete without a visit to one of it’s hundreds of souvenir shops. London does souvenirs better than any other country in the World, in their originality, quality and above all price. With so much competition around the prices are by far the cheapest in Europe with many gifts under £2.

Although there are stores selling souvenirs on every corner in London, it may be worth seeking out the more established stores for the best selection and prices. These are usually situated near major attractions or monuments.

I Love London Souvenirs The biggest hit for the past 5 years has to be iconic I Love London Souvenirs, from the classic T-Shirt in the beginning, you can now get it on absolutely everything down to toilet roll!

London is always full of coach parties each sporting an piece of I Love London Clothing of one sort or another and these can be bought all over the City. What used to be the “Mind the Gap” or “My Mum Went to London and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt,” has now been replaced with this World famous image.

If you do not fancy carrying all your souvenirs with you on your travels why not pre buy before you leave or visit make lists and buy them over the Internet on your return. Fancy That of London offer customers to their store 10% online and do not charge sales tax on sales outside the EU, more than making up for the delivery charge on larger orders.

So buy your I Love London Souvenirs and other London Souvenirs here

Best Selling London Souvenirs

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