Hiring a bike London

Hire Bikes

If you are looking for a cheap and healthy way to get around the city, and keep off of the hot underground during the summer months, you can also hire one of London’s hire bikes. Known locally as “Boris bikes” after the mayor Boris Johnson who introduced the bikes, they are available all over central London.

Step 1 – Hiring bikes

  • Take your debit or credit card to the nearest docking station terminal with  and touch the screen to begin;
  • Select ‘Hire a cycle’, follow the instructions and collect the printed release code;
  • You can hire up to four bikes at the same time (remember – you need a separate code for each bike.)

Step 2 – Returning the bike

  • Push the bike firmly into any empty docking point;
  • Wait for a green light, which will shows that the bike is securely docked (important as it could continue to charge you for your journey if not);
  • If the docking station is full, select ‘No docking point free’ at the terminal and follow the on-screen directions to get an extra 15 minutes free;
  • To find a nearby space if the docking station is full, select ‘Status of nearest docking station’ at the terminal;
  • Remember, if you’re not using the bike, dock it back!

Use them wisely and they can even be free as all journeys under 30 minutes are free!

You can use the cycle hire app to locate your nearest docking station.